Dr. Sid Solomon on SEO and the Importance of Optimizing Voice-Search Functions

As a dentist in charge of running one of the most popular practices in the entire Los Angeles area, Dr. Sid Solomon is quite familiar with the importance of exceptional marketing strategies. Working with an SEO professional as part of a comprehensive approach to marketing, Dr. Solomon has developed a wholly positive habit in which he is constantly asking questions regarding the latest developments in SEO best practices. Over the years, the doctor has developed quite an impressive level of expertise, but it was only recently that he discovered the vital nature of optimizing voice-search functions.

Fortunately for Dr. Solomon, his company’s SEO strategy had already incorporated the use of some of the most recent developments, particularly with regard to the optimization of voice-search functions. As Dr. Solomon quickly learned, voice-search functions are becoming increasingly important, mainly as a result of the fact that it is so very easy for the user to conduct a search in this way. As more and more users search for services through voice-search functions, companies that have not properly focused on optimizing voice search will be left behind while the sites like the doctor’s continue to be the most visible in all of the Greater Los Angeles area.