Do you know anything about Eric Capolino?

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago

I’ve seen his products a few times and I think he had a mentoring program, but Eric Capolino seems to be pretty obscure, have you heard of him?

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Ebon Staff answered 3 years ago

I absolutely love Eric Capolino. I bought “Eric Capolino’s Guide to Deep Linking On The Web”. If that title doesn’t date itself (who calls it “the web”?) I think it was probably around 2002 and it was one of the first SEO related products that I purchased. At the time, Capolino was basically churning out content for free and compiled it all into what we now call ebooks, but it was a long PDF type guide. I might have to search though my old backup drive and see if I can find it. That would be a fun look back and ancient history.