Where is the best place to buy high quality content for press releases?

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Anonymous asked 3 years ago
  • I need to publish some press releases and I’m looking to hire a writer instead of doing it myself.
  • Thank you!
  • -Frank Dellaglio
2 Answers
Ebon Staff answered 3 years ago

Hey Frank Dellaglio, there are a few good places to buy press releases and where you buy should be predicated by what you need. If you just need syndication places like PRWeb.com and PRNewswire are great. For SEO, there are a lot of low end companies but I prefer the two I just listed. They’re not always cheap, but depending on the volume you’re looking at buying, they will often make you a deal on the price.  Keep in mind, PRWeb is VERY strict with their guidelines and because of that I won’t be renewing my contract. They’re not easy to work with, reject half of my submissions and no longer allow you to post a press release about an individual.

Ebon Staff replied 3 years ago

One more thing in regard to PRWeb, I just realized they are now redirecting the links in the press releases thus continuing to kill their business for SEO people. Google recently penalized PRWeb which is quickening their downward spiral into uselessness.

Ebon Staff answered 3 years ago

After publishing that answer, I realized that you asked about where to buy the actual content! In my experience there is no better place than TextBroker.com. They have hundreds of quality writers. The goal should be to find a single writer that is excellent and work with him/her as much as you can. If you don’t find an excellent writer, keep looking, there are many on TB.