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Ralph Slaske Answers SEO Questions

Today’s SEO Q&A is hosted by my special guest, Ralph Slaske, as he attempts to answer common SEO questions starting, of course, with #1.

#1. What is SEO?

A: SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. This uses a range of marketing techniques to make a website’s current ranking in search engines better. SEO uses keywords, quality links and content as the foundation to achieve the goal.

#2. What is “Black hat SEO?”

A: Black had SEO is sort of like black magic in SEO world. Think of it like that. Google will punish you for using black hat SEO by a few ways with one of them being removing your website from their search results. Just say “no” kids.

#3. How do I know the best keywords to use?

A: Let’s say you run a business. An SEO will ask you to describe your business and market/niche with a few words which they will put into their fancy SEO tools and from that they get countless search information that is related to your business. The SEO tools will also give them information about how many searches are being done for specific keywords that relate to your business.

#4. Can the SEO get a website back online that Google has removed?

A: Absolutely! An SEO will first conduct an audit to ensure you’re using the recommended tactics that don’t go against Google’s guidelines. Before you know it, the world will be seeing your website again.