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What is Agile?

Agile is an iterative time-boxed approach in software development and delivery. The approach allows developers build software incrementally from the beginning of the project. It minimizes the bugs and time used in development compared to the traditional methods. Agile focuses on delivering the software in bits of user functionalities referred to as user stories. The bits are delivered in short cycles of two weeks, and they are known as iterations.

Agile Core Principles

As outlined in the Agile Manifesto, Agile methodology is based on four core principles. These principles include adaptive planning, ability to respond easily and quickly, early delivery, and continuous improvement. The principles have helped Agile to take the software development industry by storm. They have also helped Agile to earn a top spot in the industry. Agile methodology is gold certified. More and more software developers have embraced Agile methodology. In fact, over 88% of the people who have adopted the VersionOne of 2017 said that Agile’s dynamism is one of the best features they have enjoyed in the methodology.

Agile Methodology on Software Testing

On the other hand, not everyone in the software development industry has been favored by Agile. Software testers have a hard time to ensure all software’s are tested before use. This is because developing software using Agile methodology happens so fast. Therefore, the delivery of the software takes places faster that software testers can test. Testers find it hard to keep up with the pace. Maintaining quality standards of the software in the market is quite a challenge.

The Agile principles of collaboration, adaptive, and flexibility are utilized to ensure software released meets the industry standards. Agile made it possible for teams to collaborate and share their projects and get feedback. Teamwork ensures the industry standards are met, and software development takes place within a shorter period. The testing of software is narrowed to reduce the time taken by the testing process. Some imperatives are followed while narrowing the test.

• Whenever testing software, the tester prioritizes it’s requirement because it is hard and time-consuming to test everything.

• Automation of the software test is also applied to enhance efficiency.

• Speeding up the exploratory testing is done to ensure that code delivery and testing doesn’t consume much time.

• Adaptability

Other Agile Methodologies

Although Agile is universal, it is not one size fits all. Different organizations have different ways of doing things. This is the reason to why Agile can be applied anywhere. Instead, it requires customization to carry out the testing process smoothly without having issues. There are different versions of Agile methodologies to choose from depending on your needs. Some of the most popular Agile methodologies include Scrum and Kanban.


Scrum is the most used Agile methodology. In fact, is used by over 58% of developers who have adopted the VersionOne 2017. It is designed to reduce risks whenever coming up with software. Scrum focuses on the iterative approach to defining key features and objective of the software.


Kanban is another Agile methodology that focuses on manufacturing. It is more like a to-do list. It gives a glimpse of the task they have done, what they are doing, and what they intend to do. The methodology was initially developed by Toyota to help in boosting their worker’s productivity and increase production.


Agile methodology is one of the best software development methods. It has transformed the industry by raising the levels of efficiency and reducing the time taken to deliver software. The test management can also be applied in other industries to boost productivity and effectiveness.

Rocco Basile Shares Importance of SEO in Construction Industry

Search engine optimization is the practice of marketing an enterprise through the optimization of its website to rank highly in search engines. The target of this practice is to ensure that whenever people search for certain keywords your business appears among the top answers on search engines like Google.

Professionals like Rocco Basile who has been in the construction industry for many years explain that the modern property market has changed and getting customers is now easier for those who understand digital marketing. Rocco Basile is the founder and CEO of Avo Construction, a construction company that is based in Tribeca, New York that has been serving the market since 2010. He expounds on the need for construction companies to embrace SEO marketing to reach more clients from the wide pool of customers online.

Why bother?

Many people might assume that since the construction industry is not so much into the digital market, there is no need to stress about implementing SEO campaigns. But this is not correct because all businesses that have a website need SEO marketing, which is a vital pivot for getting customers to see what you can offer. You need to create awareness to the world and this cannot be possible without a marketing campaign that easily reaches the target audience. SEO does all the work you need to address your audience, so even in the construction industry SEO marketing is as vital as any other procedure.

Improve visibility

It is the target of every business to capture the attention of many customers, so if you are in the construction industry and would like to reach more potential customers, you need to implement an SEO campaign on your official website. With SEO, you can easily promote your content and sample previews so people who search for similar content are redirected to your site, and this could lead to conversations. In fact, many businesses are now getting their customers through search marketing, which allows them to also get accurate information about potential buyers so as to increase the effectiveness of the campaigns developed.

Encourage reviews

You might be wondering what entails SEO and how you could implement it on your site. One of the things you could do to initiate an SEO marketing project is encouraging reviews on your site. The more interactions you get the better as this traffic places your site at a better position to become visible. You could also use content marketing strategies that involve optimizing keywords to match searches that are popular in a certain field. This helps by ensuring that your site is listed among those with answers about the keyword whenever someone searches.

Additionally, you also need to tweak things like adding Meta information and tags to tell search engines the kind of services you offer and to also add some keywords that could help your site to attract more traffic. Most importantly, ensure while implementing this campaign you consult with experts in the field of search marketing to assist you on things you cannot fathom about different strategies.

Nancy Behrman Reflects on PR and SEO

There are few professionals who can credibly claim status as an innovator or pioneer in their industry, and there are far fewer who can cite the kind of remarkable accomplishments achieved by Nancy Behrman, the founder of Behrman Communications. Since it was founded in 1985, Ms. Behrman’s company has relied on its groundbreaking strategies and its creative approach to marketing, public relations, and brand building to achieve the exceptional outcomes clients have come to expect.

In order to not only survive, but thrive in any industry, it is necessary to constantly adapt to the ever-changing landscape, and discard conventional strategies. Ms. Behrman, a groundbreaking force in the public relations industry, has demonstrated over the course of more than three decades that she is incredibly adept at recognizing market trends and developing strategies to leverage these trends well in advance.

This unique gift of foresight is why Ms. Behrman has been so far ahead of the competition when it comes to the effective use of SEO strategies in her firm’s public relations and brand-building campaigns. In fact, Ms. Behrman had employees developing highly effective SEO strategies long before the acronym was even widely known among most marketing and brand-building professionals.

Always one step ahead of the competition, Ms. Behrman has generated exceptional results for her clients, thanks to her ability to recognize, harness and ride the trends that hold the power to generate roaring buzz and awareness.  

Certain Responses to Common SEO Questions Should Raise Red Flags

Effective marketing is a necessary component of business success, but not all businesses are able to employ a dedicated marketing team to handle all of their advertising campaigns while ensuring that the company enjoys a high level of visibility among consumers. Most small- to middle-market businesses instead turn to marketing professionals, and these professionals include experts in SEO strategies.

When hiring an SEO consultant, it may be difficult to determine whether or not they will be able to deliver the results that you are looking for. There are questions that each individual business will have to pose based on their unique needs and beliefs, but there are a few standard questions that may evoke responses that should give you pause with regard to hiring.

If you are hiring an SEO expert, it is clear that you are looking to improve on your current ranking in the various search engines. One of the most common questions clients ask of SEO experts relates to the ability of the SEO expert to improve the client’s ranking, and if the expert promises a guaranteed top ranking it may be a sign to avoid this expert altogether.

Most successful experts will note that they have improved rankings in the past and have successfully achieved a top ranking for a client, but making such a promise or guarantee about future success is hubris that may also be unethical. In order to determine whether the expert is on the level, look into their prior results in the same way you would research before heading out on a vacation to Aruba.

In hiring an SEO expert, it is important to know that you will be working with someone who has a history of successful results and is able to improve your site’s ranking through means that are accepted by the major search engines, as this is the best way to ensure solid outcomes.

How to Create an Effective SEO Sales Proposal Using a Software Development Proposal Template

SEO logo
The overwhelming majority of SEO professionals already understand the nearly limitless potential value associated with the ability to create a highly effective software development proposal, which is why such a significant emphasis is often placed on this aspect of business operations. Of course, those same SEO professionals are also wary of spending so much time drafting proposals that it takes away from other critical areas of focus, and rightly so. It is for this reason that countless SEO professionals have turned to software development proposal templates such as the one made available through for use in drafting specific proposals for clients.

On the Benefits of Utilizing a Customizable Template

In utilizing a software development proposal template, it should be quite clear that there has to be a fairly extensive amount of customization possible. This ensures that the prospective client is not dissuaded in any way by a lack of specificity in the template, as clients have every right to expect thorough attention to detail in the drafting of the proposal if they are seeking a similar approach in the software development being discussed. In selecting the ideal template for this purpose, SEO professionals should consider the range of features that can be customized within the template while also factoring in the resulting efficiency as well.

Offer Context and Background

One area in which a software development proposal template is exceptionally effective is in the ability to quickly and easily provide context or background information to the client’s other decision-making personnel, particularly those who may not have been involved in the initial discussions between the client contact and the SEO professional. A company overview, list of services and specialties, and biographical information regarding key software development personnel are all examples in which a template can streamline the proposal process while ensuring the client has all the information necessary to make their decision.

Providing a Thorough Evaluation and Detailed Solutions

It’s quite common for a client to seek the services of an SEO professional with a very specific goal in mind, but there is an obvious benefit to providing a complete and thorough evaluation of the areas in which improvements could be made to the prospective client’s operations through the software development being proposed. Even if the client does not ultimately select any additional services as a result, this kind of thorough approach in drafting a proposal remains valuable and instills confidence in the client that the SEO professional is going to also be thorough and exacting in their approach to software development.

Of course, it is not enough to simply offer an evaluation without also detailing how any areas in need of specific attention will be resolved. With a detailed plan of action as well as data regarding the potential benefits associated with such action, the client can make an informed decision based on nothing more than the proposal drafted by the SEO professional. This is why it is so critical for SEO professionals to carefully select the proposal template they utilize and to take great care in customizing the specific areas most likely to be of benefit to the individual client.

Dr. Sid Solomon on SEO and the Importance of Optimizing Voice-Search Functions

As a dentist in charge of running one of the most popular practices in the entire Los Angeles area, Dr. Sid Solomon is quite familiar with the importance of exceptional marketing strategies. Working with an SEO professional as part of a comprehensive approach to marketing, Dr. Solomon has developed a wholly positive habit in which he is constantly asking questions regarding the latest developments in SEO best practices. Over the years, the doctor has developed quite an impressive level of expertise, but it was only recently that he discovered the vital nature of optimizing voice-search functions.

Fortunately for Dr. Solomon, his company’s SEO strategy had already incorporated the use of some of the most recent developments, particularly with regard to the optimization of voice-search functions. As Dr. Solomon quickly learned, voice-search functions are becoming increasingly important, mainly as a result of the fact that it is so very easy for the user to conduct a search in this way. As more and more users search for services through voice-search functions, companies that have not properly focused on optimizing voice search will be left behind while the sites like the doctor’s continue to be the most visible in all of the Greater Los Angeles area.

Ebon Talifarro SEO Q&A From Australia

I recently took a vacation with my family “down under” to visit Australia and wow! I must say it’s truly a completely different world down there. First, I’d like to say that the rumors are indeed true: everything there wants to kill you and it can. The spiders are huge and the plans shouldn’t be touched unless you know exactly what you are dealing with.

As far as wildlife goes, Australia is a total nightmare! Everything else about the location is awesome. The temperature isn’t too hot and, again, other that the wildlife, your only worry is understanding what people are saying.

While there, I still had to do some work and had the honor of going into a college classroom to answer as many SEO Q&A questions as I could understand. The good news is they study hard and do their homework, so I wasn’t there answering questions for no more than 15 minutes.

Here are some of the questions along with my responses:

Q: What’s the difference between internal and inbound links?

A: Ah, yes, I get this question often, but surprisingly I haven’t lately until then.  Both of these types of links are very necessary for SEO. Internal links are links that are connected to another page on your site whereas an inbound links are links to other websites.

Q: How long do I have to wait to see my SEO results?

A: The results happen anywhere within 48 hours. You do your work and then the search engine will do its work. Certain things contribute to the placement or rank of your content in the search engine, such as the quality of the content you have published and how much of it. The size or strength of your site also plays a big role. To be sure, I often tell my students to wait at least a week.

Q: Is there such a thing as too many links in the content?

A: There isn’t exactly a magic right number, but there is such a thing as link overload. You don’t want your entire content to be riddled full of links to the point it hinders the reader’s experience. Depending on the word count of your content, I’d say follow the hundreds rule I learned in school. If your content has 100 words, add 1 link, 2 at the most. If you have 200 words, 2 links, 3 at the most. 300 is equal to 3 links, 4 at the most and so on. Another thing you can do is try to have one link in every paragraph.


Ralph Slaske Answers SEO Questions

Today’s SEO Q&A is hosted by my special guest, Ralph Slaske, as he attempts to answer common SEO questions starting, of course, with #1.

#1. What is SEO?

A: SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. This uses a range of marketing techniques to make a website’s current ranking in search engines better. SEO uses keywords, quality links and content as the foundation to achieve the goal.

#2. What is “Black hat SEO?”

A: Black had SEO is sort of like black magic in SEO world. Think of it like that. Google will punish you for using black hat SEO by a few ways with one of them being removing your website from their search results. Just say “no” kids.

#3. How do I know the best keywords to use?

A: Let’s say you run a business. An SEO will ask you to describe your business and market/niche with a few words which they will put into their fancy SEO tools and from that they get countless search information that is related to your business. The SEO tools will also give them information about how many searches are being done for specific keywords that relate to your business.

#4. Can the SEO get a website back online that Google has removed?

A: Absolutely! An SEO will first conduct an audit to ensure you’re using the recommended tactics that don’t go against Google’s guidelines. Before you know it, the world will be seeing your website again.

What Are the Best Methods for Generating Inbound Links?

The best practices for search engine optimization are in a constant state of flux and require website owners and marketing specialists to adapt on a consistent basis according to the strategies that work best at any given time. While these practices are indeed changing quite frequently, one of the more consistently effective strategies relates to generating inbound links to a site. There are several simple methods for generating inbound links that are central to achieving site traffic and increasing organic page rankings in all of the major search engines, all of which involve just a modest amount of effort.

As the owner of a blog devoted to crafting and DIY, Jody Rookstool is very familiar with the benefit of generating inbound links. She came across this strategy entirely by accident, only discovering how her page ranking changed after her site traffic jumped when a popular crafting blog linked to one of her projects. Upon seeing these positive results, she began exploring additional methods for generating additional inbound links.

Writing guest posts on other popular websites is a particularly effective strategy, and many bloggers find that becoming more active on sites that host forums related to their specific topic allow for links to be included in the commenting signatures. Once a site has been established and has a core group of visitors, simply producing quality content is often enough to generate inbound links, as visitors will share posts and pages they find interesting with friends and family by posting the links on social media and other sites.

SEO Help?

Have you spent a fortune on SEO and seen no results?  Can this be the end of you seeking this kind of help for your online exposure?  This can happen if you do not use the right SEO tech. untitled (51) untitled (50) There are many who promise high and deliver low.  How do you find the right SEO tech for your business?  I sought out help and wanted to improve my ranking.  The cost was huge and the benefit was minimal.  Be sure that you have a good idea of what you really need as the SEO tech will focus on what you need.  Jody Rookstool says SEO help can be a good investment if done right.