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If you do not want to employ a SEO tech the rest of your business live then SEOuntitled (6) images63AZ1Z6V To GO is for you.  If you want to just pay as you go with the SEO tech then this may be worth considering.  Most search engine optimization jobs are extensive and will require a lengthy relationship to complete. You may have the expertise to do most of the link work yourself an just use the SE tech as needed.  is a site that needs SEO help often and the SEO To GO would not help them. A more comprehensive approach will be needed.

Links are the Answer

untitled (140) imagesYH6FRQ20If you need to be seen online inks are the answer.  What I mean is that the more links the better as that will move you up on the search order.  The better you are on the Google search order the more you will be seen online.  This will directly translate to sales.  If you decide that this SEO service can help your business the first thing you need to do is act.  Home for Life on is a place that helps with finding the perfect SEO tech for your business. As with all services the quality varies with the sources.

SEO Confusion

untitled (38) untitled (37)Are you in need of SEO assistance or not.  Is your online business failing due to market shifts or a SEO issue?  I think that id your product is poorly designed and not in demand the best SEO work will not help.  If you have a bad business don’t expect the money spent on search engine optimization to pay off.  If you have a hot item for sale and just fail to have the needed hits on your site to get business levels up then a SEO tech can help.  This recent post on facebook will give you a better idea of what to expect from your SEO investment.

SEO Mystery

untitled (33) untitled (32)What magic is involved in search engine optimizing?  Is it pixy dust or science.  How can these individuals really out smart Google?  I guess there has to be something to this.  If you need SEO help you better find someone that has more than magic but also has it intelligence to back it up.  With Google constantly changing their algorithms for ranking searches a SEO tech has to stay current or they will waste their time and your money.   just ask retired dentist Vincent Malfitano.  The fact that it works is amazing to me.  It is definitely beyond me how they do it.

Search Ranking Help

If you need help with your search ranking the a SEO expert can help.  This area of business directly impacts your business and will need to be address if you plan to stay in business.  Your search ranking can kill your online traffic.  People will not go beyond the first few results when searching for a product an if you are on the next page then you are basically invisible.  If you want to be seen investing in SEO untitled (32) untitled (31)work is going to be cost effective. This link   can lead you to the help you need.

Optimize Profits

imagesEEU1WQD5 imagesB3XA4IN4If profits are on a downturn the you may want to consider search engine optimazation.  Employing a SEO to help get you a better search result will lead the masses to your door.  The right optimazation can make a big difference and be very cost effective.  If you want to make money, and who doesnt, then you need SEO.  The online worldhas ezpanded and you will have to be on top of it to take advantage.  Your competitor is looking to improve his advantage so you better get in the race.  Luke Weil is a SEO that can keep you in the game.

Q & A

Service concept. Isolated on white
Service concept. Isolated on white

Q & A is a way to learn more about a topic from the expert.  Some people learn better with that kind of interaction.  I have been a lean through research kind of guy my whole life.  I just remember it better if I figure it out myself.  Some people learn best through visual medium.  I think that a visual aid is always helpful.  If you are having a problem picking up on how to do something, switch styles and see if it sinks in better.  Often a combination will make the task easier to understand.  Mo Howard West Virginia Football learn all three ways.

SEO’s Endless Research

SEO and research groups have a lot in common, but the main thing is they both spend hours a day researching, looking for answers to many questions people have. The Foundation for Defense of Democracies, for example, are a research group that really sticks to one core study: Iran. They dedicate time in and time out to bring the latest news of what is going on overseas and you can see it all through their Facebook page

Q: What does a SEO spend so much time to research?

A: You’ll can ask any SEO this and somewhere in their answer you’ll hear them say, “Keywords.” Keyword researching has been the “go to” tool for many SEOs over the many years. In fact, the word just may make some of them cringe.

Q: They still use keywords today?

A:  Many years ago, there was a time when keywords were the core to an operation and the way it worked was simple. Google would gather information on a website mainly grounded what keywords were displayed on the pages and within links on the page. With that information, success was understood by companies and how they ranked in search engines determined the success of the site.

Today, Google still operates using text to understand what a company is all about and what service or product they have to offer. With that being said, keywords for an SEO aren’t yet extinct and still provide some great deal of usefulness. Another way to understand it is to say keywords are little appetizers of data for Google. An appetizer gives you a bit of an idea of what a restaurant is all about. Likewise, keywords give a little idea to what a business is about.

SEO Q&A: The Impact of Mobile Search on SEO

In a recent question-and-answer session, Luke Weil, the CEO & Co-Founder at Andina Acquisition Corp., addressed a number of issues relating to SEO but focused primarily on discussing the importance of optimizing for Google’s new mobile-based algorithm. The following is a brief excerpt of the questions asked of Weil and the responses that were provided by the SEO expert.

How important is it to utilize a mobile-optimized site?

It is of the utmost importance. It is really hard to overstate the value of optimizing for mobile, as an increasing number of searches are being performed on mobile devices and tablets rather than through the other traditional methods. Since Google and other search engines have a specific algorithm for mobile devices, a site that is not optimized for mobile might as well be invisible.

When someone refers to a site as mobile-friendly or mobile-optimized, is there a difference between the terms or is it two different ways of saying the same thing?

There is a massive difference between the term “mobile-friendly” and “mobile-optimized.” Ideally, a website should be both mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized for the best SEO results. The former term refers to how the site appears on a mobile device and how easy it is for a mobile user to navigate. The latter term, mobile-optimized, means that the site includes specific content and coding meant to increase its ranking on mobile searches. This optimization also refers to other strategies beyond the site itself to increase the site’s visibility in mobile searches.

SEO to the Rescue

If you are failing online and need assistance where can you turn.  Ken Fisher is the best SEO for you.  If you have had trouble getting results in the past don’t give up.  The best result may be a compromise between bad and good but if you don’t give it a try you ill never know.  Having a bad search level directly effects sales.  Hits on you site spells money in a big way.  If you continue to fail after employing a SEO then perhaps you don’t have a viable business.  The best results to expect will come slowly.  There is no magic bullet when it comes to SEO work.  it takes time and many links before you will see improvement.